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Interesting findings on divorce after study

by | Aug 25, 2016 | Divorce

Couples in Pennsylvania get divorced for any number of reasons. While the motives for a divorce vary, a study suggests there are actually prime times during the year when couples go through with filing for the dissolution of their marriage. This 14-year study found that divorce petitions are highest during the months of March and August.

The study initially examined the effects of the economic recession on marriage. The research looked at several variables, including unemployment and property values, and saw a consistent increase in petitions during those two months, no matter the economic circumstance. The nationwide recession did bring about a slight change but not enough to ultimately skew the results.

Researchers theorized as to why those two months peak in filings. When there are problems in a marriage, at least one spouse may hope that the joy and family intimacy of the winter and summer holidays will bring a reversal of heartache. However, the stressors that also can accompany those times may prove to make things worse between the couple. Once the holiday celebrations or vacations are over and the couple realizes the marriage cannot continue, they proceed to terminate their union.

No matter the motivation, the decision to divorce is usually not an easy one to make. If children are involved it can be an even more difficult process as decisions about custody and financial support have to be made. Couples who need legal advice as they go through this process will want someone who has a thorough knowledge of divorce procedures in Pennsylvania.

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