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New child support payment option available for some families

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Family Law

Although there are several options available, some non-custodial parents in Pennsylvania occasionally have problems when trying to make their financial support payments. They may have the money set aside for the amount of child support but no easy way to get the money where it needs to be. There are other states that have begun offering their residents a chance to pay their child support through electronic providers.

Under this new approach, parents are able to make their support payments by going to participating locations, which can include 7-Eleven store or Dollar General stores. These outlets have partnered with PayNearMe, a service that allows a person to pay online using cash. Although nominal, there is a fee involved.

The states that offer this service hope it will help bring the payment compliance level closer to 100 percent. They claim the parents without debit cards or checking accounts will find this option very helpful in making sure they get their children the financial support they need. This alternative type of payment ,method may take as long as three business days to reach the intended account. However, that is still less time than most traditional methods.

While Pennsylvania does not yet offer this service, it may be an option state officials will consider in the future as more states adopt the program. Until then, parents will need to continue to make payments as they have in the past. For those who have run into roadblocks while trying to pay their child support, it may be helpful to find legal professionals who are knowledgeable of family law.

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