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Child custody battle gets heated with renovation star

Pennsylvania residents know that, while it does not seem to be the case in front of the camera, most TV personalities have problems just like the rest of the population. Making recent news is Nicole Curtis, host of HGTV’s “Rehab Addict” in a child custody battle with the man who is the father of her 15-month-old son. The child custody case has lasted for the better part of a year after the father filed a paternity complaint.

The father sought joint custody after a paternity test determined he was indeed the biological father of the boy. He claims he wanted to sign an affidavit of parentage upon the discovery, but Ms. Curtis would not allow him to officially submit the document. As he lives in a different state, he said he has made the trip numerous times to spend time with his son, but she would not let him be alone with the boy, nor would she allow overnight visits. He also alleged that she leaves the boy in the care of a nanny for lengthy periods of time, not spending time with the boy herself.

Ms. Curtis has answered his accusations, saying she is not against him spending time with their son but that joint custody should not be awarded to the father. The judge in the case has ruled that Ms. Curtis is required to reimburse the father for his legal fees, as well as fees incurred the times he traveled for visitation but was not able to see his son. She will be facing jail time if she does not comply with the judicial order.

Often times in a heated child custody battle, the best interests of the child are forgotten, and it becomes a war of which parent can stick it to the other the worst. Anger and hurt feelings seem to prevail over ensuring the child’s security in having two parents who love him or her. An unbiased third party can help Pennsylvania parents as they seek to find diplomacy toward each other while making sound decisions about their child’s future.

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