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Child custody battle heats up with involvement of law enforcement

Most Pennsylvania parents do all they can to provide for and protect their children. However, in a child custody proceeding there are usually differing viewpoints as to what is the right provision and protection and what is not. One father recently found out that his child custody battle extended beyond the typical problems with his ex.

The father of three has fought with the mother for the past four years to gain custody of their children, a 5-year-old girl and twin 4-year-old boys. He has alleged that his ex has a problem with abusing drugs and, as a result, has been evicted from her home. He feels that is no way to raise their children. A judge has apparently agreed with him, recently granting the father an emergency order that gives him the authority to make all decisions regarding the children.

The man’s ex came to his house one evening, wanting him to give the children to her. Law enforcement got involved and, ignoring the court order, instructed the man to allow his ex to take the children. He heard nothing from her until he received word two days later that she had left the children in the care of a friend. He claims the officer discriminated against him simply because he was the father and custody generally goes to the mother. Not only is the police department looking into the discrimination accusation, but there may be charges filed against the mother.

Many child custody cases are fraught with frustration between the parents. Personal feelings often get in the way of doing what is truly best for the children. Pennsylvania parents who need help sorting out their differing points of view will each want someone who understands and knows the legal details to assist in making the best decisions possible.

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