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Ex-wife of retired hockey star looking for child support

Pennsylvania custodial parents know all too well how important monthly financial support can be. It is great when the full amount of child support is received, but it presents a hardship when it is not. Hockey fans may be interested to learn that the ex-wife of Ron Greschner is having a difficult time while seeking child support and alimony from the former NHL star.

The former Mrs. Greschner cannot establish an amount to request in her petition because her ex does not earn money the same way as most people. Since his retirement, his income is earned by making personal appearances and selling souvenirs he has personally autographed. She believes he has been sending the money he makes somewhere in Canada, his homeland, in an effort to conceal his true net worth.

According to her attorney, she and their five children have been living in the attic at a friend’s house while her ex has remained in their mansion. Mr. Greschner was recently expected to submit several financial documents to the court, including the terms of his employment with Madison Square Garden. As he did not comply, his ex-wife has asked the court to hold him in contempt.

The splitting up of parents is hard enough on children. When they are forced to leave their home and friends, it can be devastating. It is the job of both parents to see that the separation is as seamless as possible. This includes coming to a fair decision on the amount of child support the custodial parent will need. Pennsylvania parents may need legal assistance as they try and negotiate an agreement that will be beneficial to all.

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