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Former basketball pro seeks reduction in child support

Pennsylvania parents know that celebrities who have fathered or given birth to children are often expected to provide a higher level of financial care after a divorce or separation, simply because their earning potential is usually higher than that of most other people. A former basketball star is requesting that the amount of child support he has been paying the mother of his child be lowered because he no longer has the income he once did. Glen Rice, who played for the New York Knicks several years ago, wants to reduce his child support payments by more than half.

Lawyers for Mr. Rice filed an appeal several months ago asking for a reduction in support due to the current financial status of the former All-Star forward. A report stated he had made $66 million during the 15 years he played professional basketball, but he is now almost broke after years of over-spending and bad investments since he retired in 2004. He is currently living on proceeds from public appearances and sales of memorabilia from his playing days.

Mr. Rice was allegedly already married when the child’s mother and he began a relationship. In a paternity suit filed in 2010, he was ordered to pay a monthly sum of $1,500. He is presently behind in payments by $2,000. The child’s mother has agreed to accept $600 each month, provided he pay the outstanding amount still owed.

Pennsylvania non-custodial parents who have had to take a reduction in pay can petition the court just like Mr. Rice did. In most cases where there has been a change in income, the court will readjust monthly child support payments after considering the circumstances behind the modification. Legal assistance may prove helpful when seeking a solution that will work for all parties concerned.

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