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Child custody and asset division leads to appeal by mother

Those in Pennsylvania who have been through the trauma of divorce know there are many factors involved in the process, especially if children are involved. Child custody and child support are typically at the top of the list in these types of family law proceedings. One woman going through a bitter divorce recently lost her appeal on a child custody and support ruling.

Three years ago, the wife chose to leave her husband and children but decided a couple of weeks later to return home. The husband would not let her move back in. Thereafter, she obtained a protective order against him, forcing him to move out of the house. Their initial divorce agreement gave her custody of the children and the house but split the two mortgages between them.

Not long after, the father wanted a change in the custody and child support arrangements. When the divorce was finalized, the father was given full custody of the children and the mother had to pay child support. The house was to be sold and the money divided between the two, with the father getting a slightly larger percentage. The mother felt not all assets were included in the court’s decision and appealed both the custody arrangement and the division of assets. The custody award was upheld, but a future trial court will be given the responsibility of reconfiguring the property distribution.

Sometimes in the midst of an antagonistic divorce, anger may rule. What is best for everyone involved can be blurry. When a clear head is needed to decide matters of child custody and financial support, Pennsylvania parents will want an unbiased professional to help sort out matters.

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