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Ex-wife seeking substantial monthly sum in divorce

by | Nov 9, 2016 | Divorce

There can be a myriad of outcomes when a Pennsylvania couple decides to end their marriage. Some who divorce remain friendly, and the two have very little trouble in dividing assets and setting child support and custody arrangements. Others have a contentious and bitter divorce where they are fighting over everything, especially the money. The divorce of the founder of a well-known hospital network and his wife has led to a mind-boggling monthly alimony request.

Court testimony by a financial analyst claims the ex-wife requires over $400,000 each month to maintain the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed. The analyst testified over the course of three days to outline the expenses for housing, clothing, entertainment and even pet care the ex-wife says she has to have. The husband’s attorney stated he and his client feel the line items are driven by the ex-wife’s wants and desires as opposed to needs, and he questioned the expert’s qualification to generate such a report.

The couple married in 1991, before which the wife signed a prenuptial agreement. The agreement stated her monthly allowance could be revisited should the marriage last longer than seven years. The wife was never limited to any type of budget during the 18 years of the marriage.

For most couples, divorce is hard enough to undergo without an enduring battle over money. Unfortunately, the division of assets is often the most exhausting element for both spouses. Those in Pennsylvania who are fighting to remain levelheaded in the face of a divorce will want unbiased legal representation from someone with significant experience in family law.

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