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Father fighting for child custody will not give up

Most Pennsylvania parents can agree that the depth of love of a parent for his or her child can be astonishing, given some circumstances. An eight year child custody battle may soon be coming to an end as a father fights to raise his daughter. He was recently commended by a judge for never giving up in his emotionally and financially draining child custody quest.

When the man’s girlfriend wanted to give up their baby for adoption, he was against it. The baby’s mother gave birth six weeks before her due date, possibly as a result of inducing in order to deceive the father. Also unbeknownst to him, she allowed her brother and his wife to adopt the baby in a state that only required the consent of one parent.

When the man found out what had happened, he initiated his legal battle. He began the procedure to establish paternity once the Supreme Court of the state in which the adoption took place ruled it illegal. He now has been before a judge who recognizes his struggle and agrees that he was deceived by the baby’s mother, the brother and the sister-in-law. The judge has set a date in the next month to determine primary custody after hearing arguments from both mother and father.

Every parent should have the best interest of his or her child in mind when making decisions that will affect the child. In a custody battle, each parent may feel he or she is in the right, but it often takes an unbiased third party to make a determination when disagreements persist. Pennsylvania parents seeking primary child custody will want an attorney who is dedicated to fighting for the rights of the child and the parent.

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