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Popular HGTV show hosts possibly headed for divorce

by | Dec 28, 2016 | Divorce

Pennsylvania HGTV fans have now heard the news that “Flip or Flop” show hosts, Tarek and Christina El Moussa have been separated since last May. There has been no official word of divorce, but there are confirmations that they are each dating other people. Through their television show, their net worth has grown substantially, leaving people to wonder how the assets will be divided should a divorce actually happen.

Foremost in the minds of most fans is the fate of the couple’s popular TV renovation show. Reports say the two will make it work, at least in front of the camera, while they fulfill the obligations of their contract for several episodes to be filmed in the first part of 2017. However, as of now there is to be no extension for further seasons. They did come together during the Christmas season to spend time as a family with their two young children.

The net worth of the couple has been estimated at $4 million. They each get $10,000 per episode of their show, $40,000 for speaking engagements as well as whatever profit their housing flips bring. The two jointly own a real estate agency, a $3 million house, a $1 million yacht and several luxury vehicles that will all come into play when dividing their assets.

Whether a couple is in the spotlight of fame or just the neighbors down the street, a divorce can be devastating. Because of the tensions and the highly charged emotions, spontaneous decisions made during this time can have unfortunate consequences down the road. Finding an unbiased, analytical attorney in Pennsylvania who specializes in family law can help set someone on a path that will get them through this difficult time.

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