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Man entangled in child support dispute

Most Pennsylvania non-custodial parents understand their important role in the lives of their children. Many of them maintain their visitation rights and pay the required child support. One man has recently gone through a financial nightmare when not just one, but two states have begun taking child support payments from his paycheck.

The man had been making regular child support payments to the state in which he, his 8-year-old daughter and her mother lived. The mother and the girl moved to another state a few years ago but the father continued his financial support to the state where he resided after the two parents signed an agreement over two years ago stating he would do so. Court records show he has paid approximately $7,000 to the state so far.

Three months ago, the man received a letter from the Department of Revenue of the state where the mother and daughter currently reside, claiming that he owed over $6,000 in support. A few weeks later another letter detailed garnishment amounts that his employer was required to deduct for present and past support debts. His attorney has made several persuasive attempts to various official agencies but got nowhere. More recent reports say the state has discovered the error and has closed the case, with apologies to the father. Representatives from both states will work with the man’s attorney, and he expects to be reimbursed for the additional payments.

This type of case shows that a child support agreement can involve more than just the parents. The guidelines of the state or states concerned can often be difficult to interpret. When a case gets complicated, a Pennsylvania parent will need the expertise of a proficient attorney who can direct them as to the best course of action to follow.

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