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Father fights for child custody after girl adopted

Foster parents make themselves available to temporarily house a child who has been placed with them by the state’s child and family services agency. The state through which the child is fostered maintains child custody, even when he or she is placed in a home. Pennsylvania parents may be interested in hearing that foster-turned-adoptive parents are fighting to have an adoption upheld in court after the biological father has sought to get her back.

With her mother addicted to drugs and her father in jail, parental rights were taken away from them both, and the 3-week-old infant was placed in the care of a foster couple. Just a year later, they finalized the adoption of the little girl. That decision has been reversed and the adoption vacated by a panel of three judges, who have ruled the former adoption decision was not binding.

The father has served his time, has been released from jail and is working to get his daughter back. He says he wanted to be a part of her life when she was born but legal red tape complicated his reconciliation efforts for over a year. It is believed he has a good chance of winning his case if he proves he is able to provide for her. Her foster parents say they think the court is not considering what is best for the little girl. While the foster parents are awaiting the state court of appeals to revisit the case, the girl continues to live under their care pending the court’s decision on a motion for a rehearing.

The process of adoption can be complex and sometimes frustrating. Those looking to expand their family through adoption will want to understand their legal rights and responsibilities. An attorney with a thorough knowledge of the child custody laws particular to Pennsylvania will be able to answer any questions that may arise.

Source: foxnews.com, “Parents in fight with adopted child’s ex-con dad to keep custody of the 3-year-old girl“, Cristina Corbin, Feb. 7, 2017