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Child custody fight may be won through medical diagnosis

Imagine two Pennsylvania parents happily raising their child when the Department of Child Services suddenly takes that child away. That is what happened to the parents of a 4-month-old boy when DCS accused them of physical abuse. Now they are in a child custody battle for not only that one son but a second son, as well. Thanks to the findings of a radiologist, their child custody fight may soon be over.

It has been three years since the parents took the boy to the emergency room for a medical emergency. While there, x-rays taken for determination of the problem showed several fractures. Child services was called in, the abuse accusation was leveled, and the boy was placed in foster care. They later had another son, who was also taken by DCS. A spokesperson for the DCS, while not able to talk specifically about the case in question, said that is often the procedure with a second child in cases of alleged abuse.

The parents say DCS never tried to investigate the possible causes of the fractures. They launched their own investigation, which led them to a radiologist who had seen numerous cases just like this one. In his experience, the fractures are caused by rickets, a disease that affects the hardening of the bones. The couple had their son tested, and the test came back positive for rickets. They have not yet regained custody of their sons and must adhere to restricted visits, but they are hoping their family will be together again soon.

A child custody battle, whether it is against the state or against an ex-spouse, can be frustrating to all involved. When emotions run high, it is easy to get sidetracked by anger and resentment. An attorney who is knowledgeable about the laws in Pennsylvania will be able to focus his or her attention on the specifics of the case and work for a favorable outcome.

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