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Talent agent looking at paying spousal support for six more years

Some Pennsylvania divorced residents know the actual divorce filing is just the beginning. If one spouse owes child or spousal support for a number of years, it can seem never-ending. A judge has recently ordered talent agent and current Lady Gaga boyfriend, Christian Carino, to pay his ex-wife hefty monthly sums in spousal support.

Carino and his ex-wife were married in 1997 and made the decision to separate in 2013. During the marriage, they had two daughters who are now in their teens. His wife claimed irreconcilable differences when she filed for divorce just over two years after their initial separation.

Court documents say that Carino is required to pay his ex $20,338 each month until she remarries, until one of them dies or until 2023. The two parents share custody of their daughters for whom he pays nearly $9,000 in child support each month. They had several properties over which they disputed while settling on terms for their divorce, and he was permitted to keep one house for himself. The financial divisions were based on their declared annual salaries–his being $1.35 million a year and hers only $50,000.

When spousal support is awarded, it is with the idea that the recipient is able to maintain a reasonable standard of living somewhat comparable to that during the marriage. Sometimes this objective is achieved with a judge’s ruling, but sometimes it is not. An attorney who has a thorough knowledge of the divorce laws in Pennsylvania will be able to answer any questions and give guidance during an emotionally stressful period.

Source: radaronline.com, “Lady Gaga’s New Boyfriend Forced To Cough Up Over $20K/Month In Spousal Support“, Feb. 27, 2017