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Father’s income not enough to pay child support

Some non-custodial parents in Pennsylvania know that there are months where it can be difficult to come up with the financial payments to support their children. Those who do not have a steady paycheck coming in on a regular basis may simply not have the money when child support payments come due, no matter how much they want to provide it. One man has been charged with criminal non-support for failing to make the child support payments for his 14-year-old daughter.

A parent is charged with criminal non-support when he or she has the money available to pay yet does not make the payment. This father entered a guilty plea even though he does not agree with the $28,000 amount the state claims he has fallen behind. He says the mother claimed several of his support payments were gifts, thus escalating the total. Nevertheless, he has been sentenced to probation and will not serve any jail time unless he violates the conditions set before him.

The father has been ordered to pay $1,900 each month, but he does not believe he will be able to consistently make payments of that amount. He installs flooring and had his own business a few years ago. However, he lost his business license in 2014 and no longer makes the money he did at that time. Even if his license is restored, he feels he still will not be able to make the hefty monthly payment. He says he has always given his daughter what she needed, and he is offended that he has been labeled a bad father just because he cannot give his ex the money she expects.

Most states will review the financial information of both parents if the income of one involuntarily changes drastically and will determine whether or not the amount of child support should change in accordance. Often, these states have specific conditions that a parent needs to meet before agreeing to change a support amount. Getting the assistance of an attorney who has a thorough knowledge of the support laws in Pennsylvania is best before moving forward.

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