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Mother fights for child custody for two daughters

When Pennsylvania parents separate, one of the biggest concerns is what will happen with the children. Some parents will go to extreme measures to ensure the other parent has as little contact with the children as possible. That is the case of two parents who came from two different states. The mother is waiting for a court in her home state to re-examine which state had jurisdiction over past child custody matters.

The couple married and settled in the home state of the mother. Domestic violence episodes prompted her to file for divorce, at which time the father allegedly threatened her life and also threatened to take their two daughters from her and leave her with no money for support. The state’s court granted the divorce and ordered the father to leave the home; it also awarded shared physical custody between the parents. The father eventually took the two daughters back to his home state and to the county where his family enjoyed prominence. Once there, that court issued a protective order uncommon to most other courts that stated no visitation by the mother was possible for the length of time specified nor would they allow her due process.

Over a year ago and because of negative publicity on the case, the father moved the girls to yet another state with no notification to the mother nor permission from the courts. He did admit to the court in his home state that he maintained his address there on paper while having a permanent address elsewhere. Once a referee from that court ruled they had no jurisdiction in the matter because neither parent lived there, the mother turned to the court in her home state. She is currently awaiting a ruling and hopes that she will be able to see the daughters with whom she has had no contact for over six years.

It seems more and more often one parent will go to the extreme when fighting a child custody battle, especially if a court ruling is not what he or she wants to hear. Legal advice is available to every parent as decisions are being made. A Pennsylvania attorney who will ensure the best interests of the child are observed can answer any questions a parent may have.

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