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Actor wants court to decide child custody arrangement

Most Pennsylvania parents love their children and do whatever they can to spend time with them. A divorce does not change those feelings; however, court-ordered child custody resolutions may not always work in one parent’s favor. The current child custody situation between Grey’s Anatomy star, Jesse Williams, and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Aryn, is not to his liking, and he is looking to change it.

Williams recently filed for divorce after five years of marriage and two children. He is now requesting joint physical custody because he says Aryn will not let him have visitation with their children for longer than just a few hours during the week. He claims that she makes all the decisions about the schedule and has not allowed them to spend even one night with him.

Aryn is trying to keep their dispute private and has chosen not to make public commentaries on Williams’ accusations. Her attorney did state that she only wants the best thing for her children, which includes discretion in the matter. He furthermore conveys she does want the children and their father to have a good relationship.

When two parents have differing opinions on the custody arrangement for their children, they often need assistance regarding coming to terms with an arrangement with which they can both can live. In any situation dealing with minors, what is best for them should be the highest priority of all parties when making decisions. The state of Pennsylvania has specific laws dealing with child custody and knowledgeable attorneys who will be able to help any parent who requires their services.

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