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Possible consequences severe in child support case

by | Jul 31, 2017 | Family Law

Many non-custodial parents in Pennsylvania practice diligence when it comes to paying child support. Most of these parents are confident the children they are supporting are actually theirs. One man has been instructed by the court to pay thousands in child support for a child who is not his. If he refuses, he will be facing serious consequences.

Nearly 15 years ago this man was ordered to pay financial support to a former girlfriend who claimed he was the father of her baby. She says he did make three payments, through paycheck garnishments years ago, and at the time, he did nothing to dispute the deductions. He is now being expected to pay $65,000 in outstanding support.

He presently has a family of his own and has taken a paternity test that has proved he is not the father of his former girlfriend’s child. Although all parties recognize that fact, the law in the state maintains that he still owes support from the time the child was born until the time the man took the paternity test. His attorney argues that the state never notified him of his obligation and will try to get the case reopened. As it stands, he is facing jail time until he pays the money.

Whether a Pennsylvania parent is the one who pays or the one who receives, a modification of circumstances may necessitate a renewed examination of a previously approved child support agreement. In some cases, it can be challenging to understand the legal implications of altered conditions. Any assistance needed can be given by an attorney who has knowledge of the state’s specific family laws.

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