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Bench warrant issued for musician in child support case

When the relationship between two Pennsylvania parents seems to be unpleasant, the child is often the one who suffers. When those parents are no longer together, the amount of child support the non-custodial parent should pay is an issue on which they usually disagree. A.B. Quintanilla, the brother of slain Tejano singer Selena, has been issued a bench warrant relating to a child support case.

Quintanilla did not show for a recent hearing with the mother of his son. She claims he owes $87,000 in financial support for their child. After Quintanilla failed to appear, his ex made a statement claiming it was hard for her to miss time from work, but she was there, fighting for the rights for her son and criticizing Quintanilla for not making the time to show.

Quintanilla’s attorney challenged the ex’s condemnation of his client, saying he was away on business and there were no requirements for him to be at the hearing. He further insisted his client has paid the child support he had been ordered to pay. There was a period of time the child was not living with the mother, and Quintanilla was not going to give his ex any money while their son was not in her care. The two will take more time to figure out the details of that issue and are expected to appear for another court hearing later in the month.

It is not unusual for initial child support agreements to be revisited if circumstances between the parents or the child change. At the heart of all agreements, however, should be the best interests of the child. A Pennsylvania attorney experienced in family law will be able to give sound advice for all parties to follow.

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