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Comedian Ron White and wife divorce

by | Aug 30, 2017 | Divorce

A divorce between a Pennsylvania couple can go smoothly, with complete agreement on every point of asset division, or it can be a battle, where every little detail involves a mental and emotional struggle. Most separations fall somewhere in between those two. The divorce between Margo Rey and comedian Ron White appears to be full of contention.

According to Ms. Rey, White suddenly ended the marriage earlier in the summer when the couple seemed to be having a great time together. They had temporarily moved into a well-known lavish hotel while their house was undergoing renovation. However, when she was attempting to pay for a doctor’s visit, she apparently discovered her credit accounts had been closed. She has amassed several medical bills due to a breast cancer diagnosis.

Upon arrival at the house where they lived together, Ms. Rey was not able to get inside because White had changed all the locks. Not only did she no longer have a place to call home, her livelihood had also been eliminated. She sang at the venues where White was scheduled to perform, and his management employees canceled the 30 shows she had booked. Although a report on the situation did not specify what Ms. Rey is pursuing, she has claimed his total worth is over $14 million.

Going through a divorce can be challenging. The range of emotions, the worries and the stresses can leave a party depressed, anxious and exhausted. A Pennsylvania attorney can help those in this type of situation take a realistic look at the available options and help them make the best possible decisions as they move forward in their new life.

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