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New child custody woes for Sherri Shepherd

Pennsylvania residents who keep up with the lives of celebrities may remember a child custody battle between actress Sherri Shepherd and her second husband over a child born to them via surrogate. Ms. Shepherd is in the news once again but this time in conjunction with her first husband, Jeff Tarpley. Their 12-year-old son is the subject of her most recent child custody battle.

The marriage between the couple lasted nine years before they decided to end it in 2010. At that time, Ms. Shepherd won custody of their son before she left her residence to move across the country to co-host a women’s talk show. She has now moved back for a new TV series opportunity but has told her ex she will be filming out of the country for the first three months of the show. Tarpley is returning to court seeking joint custody of the boy because he does not want the child being raised by caretakers other than his parents. He is also requesting an increase in the amount of child support he receives each month.

Ms. Shepherd argues that Tarpley has never committed to any regular visitation with the boy, even though he was given the rights to do so. Her claims will be heard in a hearing already scheduled with the court. Earlier this year, she complained on social media about being a single mother and having to pay what she felt was excessive child support for two children.

Different states have varying processes when determining the conditions of a child custody agreement. Several factors are considered by a judge when rendering a decision as to whether parents share custody or sole custody is given to just one. An experienced attorney can give a parent clarification of the custody laws of Pennsylvania,

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