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Divorce sought by reality star, former NBA player

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Divorce

Pennsylvania fans of the reality show “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Season 4” are familiar with Keyshia Cole and former NBA player Daniel Gibson. After a seven-year marriage and the birth of a son, the two have decided to divorce. The show has addressed some of the issues the two have gone through during and since filing for divorce.

Although the two are no longer married, they do live in the same house in order to take care of their son, Daniel Jr. A recently released report claimed there was a document in which Gibson was asking for sole custody as well as spousal support from Cole. However, in an Instagram post, he denied both allegations and claimed he would never take the boy from his mother.

Gibson was filmed on the reality show expressing his gratitude for his ex’s support in the past. Cole will not comment on the custody and support claims, but the parties have worked out a custody plan and have submitted it to the court. Cole is now focused on her son and her music career, while Gibson is looking at finding a new romantic relationship.

Going through a divorce seems harder in this day and time. Any comment on social media can be misinterpreted, blowing everything out of proportion so that the truth can be hard to recognize. An attorney who knows the laws of Pennsylvania can work to present the facts to the court as the former partners seek a fair settlement in the dissolution of their marriage.

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