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Hurricane Harvey victim center of child custody battle

Pennsylvania residents have read many stories in the news and on social media stemming from the devastation that was Hurricane Harvey. One of the most prevalent and heartbreaking stories has turned into a battle for child custody. Both the girl’s father and a cousin are seeking permanent child custody of a three-year-old girl.

The little girl, Jordyn Falade, was found holding onto her mother as they floated in the floods produced by Harvey. Collette Sulcer did not survive the nightmare but, before she died, she had told her daughter to hold onto her tightly and to not let go. Jordyn has been in the care of relatives and family friends since she was rescued.

While both Jordyn’s father and Sulcer’s cousin want what is best for the little girl, the cousin claims Jordyn barely knows her father. The father says he and his daughter have been communicating via Facetime, and he has been able to see her during supervised visits. The cousin and family friends plan to argue that they will be able to keep Jordyn in familiar surroundings and with people she already knows and loves. Court proceedings have been temporarily halted while Jordyn’s father finds a new apartment in which to live.

A child custody battle can be exhausting and can take a toll on those who are involved. Assistance from a knowledgeable professional can help lighten the load and smooth frustrated perspectives. There are attorneys in Pennsylvania who will work to ensure a fair and unbiased court decision.

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