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Man arrested for nonpayment of child support

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2017 | Family Law

Authorities in Pennsylvania as well as other states have begun cracking down on noncustodial parents who have not been paying child support. Even older cases have been revisited and offenders have not escaped retroactive action. A man was recently arrested for nonpayment of child support regarding his son, who is now 26 years old.

When the boy was 5 years old a judge declared the man to be the child’s father and ordered him to submit to DNA testing, an action with which the man never complied. The order also stated the father should pay $56 each week in child support, which the child’s mother never received. Nearly 10 years later funds were seized from the man’s bank account for partial payment of the amount he owed at the time, but it was only a fraction of the total sum.

After his arrest, the father posted bail and was released on the condition that he not contact the boy or the mother. He has not lived in the same state as his son since the boy was an infant, resulting in the U.S. Attorney’s office prosecuting the case. Should he be convicted of the criminal charge against him, he may face prison time, a hefty fine. He will still be obligated to pay the total amount of child support he owes.

Child support is often a much-needed source of income to a custodial parent. In some cases it can mean the difference between a nutritious meal and an empty stomach. Pennsylvania custodial parents who need help collecting a court-ordered payment can find assistance from a family law attorney with experience in such matters.

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