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Audrina Patridge’s ex wants change in divorce agreement

by | Nov 1, 2017 | Divorce

Most partners in a Pennsylvania marriage give the union everything they have to make it work. Sometimes the marriage does last until death parts them, but sometimes it ends in divorce. That was the case for The Hills star, Audrina Patridge, and Corey Bohan. Even though they were only married for 10 months, Patridge wants a divorce.

Earlier in October they met to determine the parameters of a custody agreement for their daughter, Kirra. They apparently both agreed Patridge would have legal custody with Bohan getting the 16-month-old three nights during the week. More recently, Bohan filed a formal answer to the divorce proceedings, seeking legal custody, spousal support and a request for Patridge to pay his legal fees.

Patridge has claimed Bohan has been violent toward her, and she was granted a temporary restraining order. However, it was apparently determined that there is not enough evidence to bring criminal charges against him. Under the TRO, he is to stay 100 yards away from their home, her place of employment and the school and daycare at which their daughter attends. He has been ordered to move out of the house they shared, for which she reportedly paid him $35,000 to help him find somewhere else to live.

There is often chaos in the midst of a divorce. It takes someone with a clear head to be able to give advice on dividing assets and debt, deciding child custody and visitation schedules as well as the many other decisions that need to be made during this time. A Pennsylvania attorney can give his or her clients the benefit of knowledge and experience to turn an unbearable time in their lives into one with hope for the future.

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