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Non-payment of child support could land father in jail

by | Nov 29, 2017 | Family Law

Every divorced parent in Pennsylvania should know there is an obligation for the noncustodial parent to financially support the children, even if visitation is limited or nonexistent. If court-ordered child support is not paid, wages are often garnished and made available to the custodial parent. One man owes nearly $60,000 in child support and may have to serve jail time if he does not pay.

The man is the father of five children, with ages ranging from infancy to 9 years old. Two of the children have the same mother but the others were born to different women. He has admitted that he is the father to all five children.

The three oldest children live in the same state, which is where the father owes the most money. Instead of sentencing him to a jail term, the judge gave the man five years’ probation in order to maintain a job that will enable him to make the payments. He is currently working at a box company and is making the required disbursements for the three children. His wages were garnished in order to meet payments for the fourth child, and it is unclear whether he is paying any support for the youngest, born earlier this year. Should he fail in financially providing for the children, prison may be the next stop for him.

A Pennsylvania court takes the payment of child support very seriously. When two parents bring a child into this world, they are both expected to provide for that child. When that does not happen, enforcement actions — including jail time — may be imposed. For those having trouble receiving child support from an ex, an experienced family law attorney will work diligently to pursue recovery of all amounts owed.

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