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Father wants to save boy from mother in child custody battle

A Pennsylvania child custody battle can be expensive but may be well worth it, especially if all evidence points to the child currently living in a dangerous situation. That is the case of a father who is looking to get custody of his son from the child’s mother. Co-workers of the father are helping him raise the money he needs to hire an attorney to fight for him and his son in the child custody dispute.

The child’s mother has claimed for all of the boy’s eight years of life that he has been ill with one condition or another. He has had 13 major surgeries and 323 hospital admissions since he was born, and the father claims most of them were unnecessary. When he fought for custody in the past, he was only able to represent himself and says the judges always believed his ex. He says he even had official medical documentation confirming the boy was not suffering from the illnesses, as the mother claimed, and the judge would not accept it. At one point the judge even took away all visitation rights from him, even though he continued to pay a monthly child support amount of $600.

Recently, Child Protective Services has gotten involved in the case, removing the boy and two other children from the mother’s care. They are currently in foster care. The mother has been arrested and was still in jail at the time of a report on the incident. The father has been able to see his son twice since being placed in foster care and said he looks very healthy. He has laid blame on legal and medical professionals for allowing the mother to continue to harm their son as long as she did.

At the center of each child custody dispute is the child. It is the hope of the adult parties that the judge will take all information given and render a fair and impartial ruling that will be the most beneficial for that child. An experienced Pennsylvania attorney can build a case in which a client will have confidence when presented to the court.

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