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Child custody at center of car theft by seven-year-old

When Pennsylvania parents feel it best to divorce, one of the main issues they have to consider is a child custody plan. Many times, divorcing parents can come to an agreement on child custody issues, but sometimes they cannot, and the court has to decide for them. One mother is fighting the court’s decision and is trying to regain custody of her son.

The seven-year-old boy was recently injured in a car wreck. His mother said he stole the car from the parents of a friend just so he could be with her. The car flipped when he reached speeds over 100 miles per hour and he was not wearing a seatbelt. The mother claims she found out while visiting him at the hospital that this was the fourth car he had taken in the past week.

For reasons undisclosed, the mother has been fighting for custody of her son from the boy’s father for the past three years. She is currently only able to see her son for an hour each week. She says he constantly asks when he can come live with her, and she is outraged at the seeming lack of supervision by the boy’s father. The father claims he is surprised his son did this but that the mother does not have a place in the boy’s life.

Sometimes a parent can feel like he or she is running into a brick wall no matter which course of action is taken in fighting for child custody. Knowing there is help available can be of great relief and comfort when trying to develop a legal strategy. An experienced Pennsylvania attorney will be able to give beneficial guidance needed when taking a case before the court.

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