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Reality show contestant facing child custody battle

Raising a child is tough when two Pennsylvania parents are together and have each other for emotional support during the most frustrating times. Trying to raise a child when fighting an ex for child custody and financial support can be even more challenging. One of this season’s contestants on “The Bachelor” is a mother who is currently dealing with child custody issues while trying to win the affections of one man in front of cameras and a national viewing audience.

Chelsea Roy and her ex-boyfriend had a little boy three years ago. While the two were engaged for a period, they never married. According to a report, the two split because the boyfriend allegedly had an affair with another woman, and Roy accused the man of physical and verbal abuse and intimidation. Roy initially filed an order of protection, but it was terminated when the two settled on a custody agreement, although their contact was limited to matters revolving around their son.

In custody papers, the child’s father is requesting a temporary halt to paying the weekly $450 in child support to Roy, as the boy is in his custody while she is filming the show. Because Roy quit her job to become a contestant on the show, the boyfriend is the parent meeting the child’s entire financial need. He is willing to resume payment when Roy is no longer with the show.

In many child custody and support battles, the parents may forget the child is the most important element in their interactions. Keeping the child as the focus of any arrangement instead of wasting effort on retaliation will make for smoother communication. A family law attorney can help a Pennsylvania parent keep his or her attention on the arrangements that benefits the child.

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