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Kevin Federline wants child support revision with Britney Spears

Pennsylvania readers have not seen much in the news about Britney Spears since her infamous breakdown in 2007, but she is making minor headlines now, thanks to her ex-husband, Kevin Federline. The couple had two boys during their three-year marriage, and Britney has been paying Kevin child support. Kevin is now asking for a second look at their child support order.

Spears has recently finished a four-year performance contract and will be taking the show on the road to 28 U.S., United Kingdom and European cities in two months. Federline wants to re-evaluate the terms of the original child support order between the former couple. The boys are older and the economic situation of both parents has changed since the amount was fixed years ago.

Federline has sent a request to Spears’ legal camp recently, asking that the two parties meet to hammer out some new details. He has shared in a report that co-parenting has gotten easier over the years. He claims it had its difficulties during the first years, but the situation has a routine now, and much of the stress has been eliminated.

Many former spouses do not have such an easy time when agreeing on terms for child support and custody. It can take several attempts on the parts of both parents before actually settling on an agreement. In the absence of an agreement, any disputes will have to be decided by a family court judge. In Pennsylvania, an attorney can be a valuable asset to anyone facing these important issues.

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