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Judge sets spousal and child support amounts in abuse case

Each state has its own regulations when setting child support payments. Pennsylvania has a formula by which support is determined, although special circumstances may be a consideration that would cause the court to deviate from the set formula. One judge has determined spousal and child support for a woman who was a victim of domestic violence by her husband.

Several weeks after the woman filed for divorce, she also filed a restraining order against her husband. Her husband is a public information officer with the state in which they reside. As such, he owns several firearms, and she has been afraid he would use them on her or himself. She says his abusive nature is getting worse as time passes.

The restraining order prohibits the officer from purchasing and even possessing more firearms and ammunition. In addition, he cannot communicate with his wife by any means. Even so, the judge did rule their children will spend half the year with each parent. He also set the spousal and child support amount at approximately $3,700 each month, as the father’s monthly income is just over $10,000. Until the investigation into the domestic violence episodes is concluded, the officer is on paid administrative leave.

Whether parents go by their state’s set formula or whether they set up a reasonable settlement on their own, child support paid by the non-custodial parent should be enough to maintain the lifestyle to which the child has become accustomed. At the very least, the basic needs of food, medical expenses, clothing and housing should be covered in any agreement. A Pennsylvania attorney will be able to assist a client in the determination of legal requirements.

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