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Man running for governor owes back child support

by | May 31, 2018 | Family Law

One thing many custodial parents in Pennsylvania will tell people is that child support is of extreme importance to them. While some think court-ordered amounts are ridiculously high, the cost of raising a child is enormous, and it often takes the salaries from both parents to make sure a child has the things he or she needs, much less some extra for wants. A man who has aspirations of running for governor of his state has been ordered by a judge to pay over $12,000 in child support payments he has not paid.

The father says he cannot afford to pay the amount he owes his ex-wife for education and medical costs. He also feels the amount is excessive. He has tried numerous times to cut child care expenses by having family members keep his children for free but complains that those requests have been rejected.

He claims he is currently unemployed and lives on a monthly net amount of $4,500 he says he gets from his pension for serving 20 years in the Navy, along with disability payments. He also states the $2,500 each month he has to pay for his three children is leaving him with almost nothing. The judge in the case, however, questions the father’s gubernatorial run when he will not even get a full-time job to help pay for the expenses his children deserve.

There are many things for which child support helps pay. Food, clothing, educational and medical expenses are just a few. Both parents are expected to provide these items in some manner. A custodial parent needing to get the financial support he or she needs from an ex can seek assistance from a Pennsylvania attorney who has experience with family law matters.

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