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Man tries to get out of paying child support

Many custodial parents in Pennsylvania are acutely aware of how important regular child support payments are to the welfare of their children. A missed payment could mean at least one missed meal, no warm coat for the cold winter days or medicine that is essential for maintaining optimum health. One man took drastic measures to get out of paying the child support ordered by the court.

A recent report stated the 38-year-old man was so determined to get out of paying child support that he forged a judge’s signature on a document that would terminate the man’s parental rights. The report did not mention how many children he was supporting, nor how much he was required to pay. The claim went further, saying he faxed the document to the state’s department of human services.

A grand jury indicted the man on two counts, one for filing the forged document with the state agency and the second for wire fraud. Officers arrested him once the charges were made. If he is convicted and should the judge in the case rule consecutive sentences, he will have to serve 15 years for both charges.

It is the responsibility of both parents to financially support a child they bring into the world. There is help available to those Pennsylvania custodial parents who are having problems collecting the money they are owed by an ex. A family law attorney will be able to use enforcement tools such as wage garnishments, income tax intercepts and license suspensions to get the child support amount set by the court.

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