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August 2018 Archives

Estate planning in blended families may bring harsh realities

As divorce is commonplace, the chances that you will marry for a second time, or marry someone who was previously married is relatively high. Blending families is difficult, with spouses and children facing many readjustments as they find their places in the post-divorce landscape and begin anew. 

Possible jail time for dad refusing to pay child support

When a Pennsylvania couple is married and they have a child, they both are expected to contribute to the upbringing of the child, financially, emotionally and physically. Just because the parents decide to end their marriage does not mean that role ends for the parent who is not granted primary custody. Child support and time spent during visitation periods are often more important when the family is not what it once was. One man who is planning to run for governor of his state may have to spend some time in jail for not paying child support.

Women face unique challenges during divorce

Its no secret that the end of a marriage is a very stressful and emotional thing to experience. Some statistics suggest that nearly half of all marriages in Pennsylvania and across the United States end in divorce. These days, separating from a spouse can present unique financial challenges, especially for women. The following financial tips can be helpful for women who find themselves facing divorce.

Father faces jury in child support case

Many Pennsylvania custodial parents recognize how detrimental it could be to not receive even one court-ordered child support check. Some of them have had to deal with an ex who rarely pays the full amount, if at all. A verdict has recently been rendered in the case of a father who was accused of not paying child support over a number of years.

Court-ordered child support payment stuns fans

While some non-custodial Pennsylvania parents find it hard to pay even $100 each month in child support, others do not blink when they hand over 10 times that much. In addition, they may think nothing of paying for other expenses, such as medical treatments or extracurricular activities. The amount of child support said to be paid by one NBA star has eyebrows raised.

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