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Court-ordered child support payment stuns fans

While some non-custodial Pennsylvania parents find it hard to pay even $100 each month in child support, others do not blink when they hand over 10 times that much. In addition, they may think nothing of paying for other expenses, such as medical treatments or extracurricular activities. The amount of child support said to be paid by one NBA star has eyebrows raised.

Blake Griffin, player for the Detroit Pistons, was reportedly told by the court presiding over the financial support litigation for his two children with Brynn Cameron that his obligation was $258,000 each month. However, both Griffin and Cameron have denied that figure, saying the report was erroneous. Because of confidentiality constraints, the actual amount the basketball star will have to pay will remain private.

The former couple never married but were engaged when their children, ages five and two, were born. They had been embroiled in a custody dispute but have recently come to an agreement over both custody and support. Although no details were given in a report, they have decided the best thing for both children is to share the parental duties between them.

It is great when two parents are able to put aside their differences and come to a complete understanding for the sake of the children. Not all exes are able to get along, however, even when attempting to make the children the focus of their relationship. The expertise of a family law attorney who is familiar with the laws in Pennsylvania will be of great benefit to any parent who wants a formal child support and custody agreement, the terms of which must be accepted by a court of law.