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Marriage of elected officials ends in divorce

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Divorce

The reasons a Pennsylvania couple decides to divorce are numerous. No matter the reason, however, there is at least a little sorrow for most separated couples. A husband and wife who were elected to serve their fellow citizens have been granted a divorce.

The husband is a district court judge and the wife a county commissioner as well as a schoolteacher. She was the first to file for divorce, just a month after their 16th anniversary. They both claimed that the marriage had failed to the point where what they once had could not be recovered.

The couple had three children during their marriage and will share custody of them, with a visitation schedule already in place. Because he makes a good bit more, the husband will pay the wife monthly child support of just over $1,500. The children are involved in several extracurricular activities at their private school, and the couple will share the expenses incurred as a result. They have already sold the house in which they lived for many years, and each has a new residence.

If nothing can be done to revive a desolate marriage, divorce allows both parties to move on to a new life adventure. While it can be a chore to divide assets and debts, and to devise a plan for custody and support of children, amicable discussions to accomplish those tasks can make the whole situation as stress-free as possible. A Pennsylvania attorney can help keep things calm by ensuring the legal documents presented to the court are free of mistakes, that the client’s interests are protected, and that the information is clear and concise.