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Man faces jail time, fines for nonpayment of child support

by | Sep 27, 2018 | Family Law

Other than the possibility of a child going without essential elements such as food, clothing and medical care, not providing financial support with respect to a child can have personal consequences. A Pennsylvania parent who neglects to pay court-ordered child support may have his or her wages garnished, driver’s license revoked, and/or possibly be sentenced to jail time and fines on top of the amount overdue. One man has been convicted for owing nearly $60,000 in child support and is currently awaiting sentencing.

When his son was 6-year-old, the father was ordered to pay $56 child support each week. However, no payments were ever made. He then lived and worked in various states in jobs where he was paid in cash and continued to avoid making the court-ordered payments.

Even though the man’s son is now 27, the father was arrested a year ago for nonpayment. Because of the statute of limitations, he can only be held responsible for what he has owed for the past five years. Although he has been out on bail since his arrest, bail was recently revoked for an unrelated charge. He is not only being ordered to pay the child support he owes but could owe up to $250,000 in fines and serve up to two years on prison.

When focus is kept on the child instead of self, the child will benefit and thrive from financial as well as parental support. Too often and for a variety of reasons, that provision is not given. Any custodial parent in Pennsylvania who is not receiving the child support ordered should consult with an attorney who can present a case in court and/or pursue other enforcement measures.