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Social media post shows divorce does not have to end in animosity

by | Oct 17, 2018 | Divorce

Some Pennsylvania marriages end with the former spouses holding bitterness and anger toward each other for years after the relationship is over. However, continual animosity after the divorce can be uncomfortable for any children the couple may have had. One daughter posted on social media what she has seen from her parents in the 28 years since they finalized their divorce.

The post from the daughter was a picture that showed her father pushing a lawnmower. She explained it was her dad mowing her mother’s yard, even though they had not been married for nearly three decades. She says her siblings from her mother and step-father ask her why he does that for a woman to whom he is no longer married, and she tells them their mother is physically unable to care for the yard and their father is often away on business. Her father knows they need the help and, although the marriage did not work out, he cares enough to lend a hand.

The daughter shared that when her parents were married, she never knew if things were good or bad between them. She still does not know the reason they got a divorce. Her mother would lovingly tell her it was none of her business because it was not her marriage. She is grateful her parents cared enough about her and her siblings to show love and respect to each other, no matter what transpired in the past.

Whether a divorce is amicable or problematic, there are still legal issues that will need to be worked out. There are stressors, there are concerns and there are often issues like child and spousal support that required a definitive decision. A Pennsylvania attorney can take the burden of resolving these issues off a client’s shoulders and do the work of making a clear and concise complaint to take before a judge.