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Paternity questions for woman wanting child support

by | Nov 13, 2018 | Family Law

When it comes to paternity and support lawsuits, it often seems that professional athletes and entertainers top the list. The everyday person who denies paternity and refuses to pay child support does not seem to be nearly as newsworthy. Pennsylvania basketball devotees may know the name Marcus Camby and may be interested that he is being taken to court for child support.

Camby played for several teams during his 17-year NBA career, ending with the New York Knicks. He and his wife have two daughters, but she is not the one saying he owes her child support. The woman in question gave birth to a girl in 2011 and claims Camby is the father. He is not legally named as the father, but a report on the subject states she says he does not deny his status. She even had social media pictures with the three of them celebrating the girl’s first birthday.

In addition to child support, the woman wants him to schedule visitation time but with supervision because she feels he has neglected spending time with the girl in the past. She also wants him to pay the attorney fees this action is costing her. Camby wants her to pay all legal fees and wants the entire case to be dismissed. He has not bothered to make any comments on social media about the case.

A parent who is responsible for bringing a child into the world should also be responsible for financially supporting that child. In a case such as this one, there should be proof of paternity before obligations of child support are warranted. A Pennsylvania attorney will be able to explain the laws to those needing answers for their support case.