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Retired NBA player wants adjustment in child support payments

Upon the ending of a marriage, many Pennsylvania parents will attempt to come to an agreement on several financial issues. One of the most important is that of child support. Former NBA player, Matt Barnes, is fighting with his ex-wife, Gloria Govan, in his attempt to decrease the amount of child support he pays her each month.

The two were only married three years but had twin boys while they were dating. The boys are now 9 years of age, and Barnes not only pays Govan $20,000 each month for their support but also pays the tuition for the private school they attend. He would like to lower that amount because he now has full custody of the boys.

Although his playing days are over, Barnes is still on contract with the Golden State Warriors for two more years and receives a monthly paycheck of $161,000. He has asked the court to determine what Govan would be making if she had a paying job and use that amount to establish a new support amount. He says the last time she earned money on her own was when she was a cast member on Basketball Wives in 2011. That request was denied but the trial for settlement is expected to continue for a few more days.

When attempting to agree on child support numbers, every consideration should be about the child. Some parents are able to go above and beyond the basics of food, clothing and medical costs, while that is all other parents can manage. When an ex is determined to avoid fulfilling his or her part of an agreement, the assistance of a family law attorney familiar with the laws of Pennsylvania can be a valuable asset to ensure the child has the required financial provision.