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Woman wants child support from ex, now local sheriff

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Family Law

A Pennsylvania woman who raises a child on her own usually has several concerns. One of the most troubling is child support. Some women earn a paycheck that will enable their children to have wants as well as needs, but some do not and need the financial support an ex can provide. One woman is seeking child support and sole custody from the father of her unborn child.

The woman and her ex-boyfriend, the county sheriff where they live, conceived a child, but he broke off the relationship once she found out she was pregnant. She has kept the text messages he sent, alluding to the fact he did not want any children. She claims he wanted her to have an abortion, but she was adamant that she was not going to terminate the pregnancy. She then decided to sue her ex for custody and support.

The lawsuit has brought the matter into public light, and the sheriff has made an official statement. Now, he is requesting the woman to submit to DNA testing. Should the test show he is the father, he wants to share custody.

Raising a child is hard. One parent raising a child with limited financial resources can put even more pressure on a strenuous standard of living. It is the responsibility of both parents who create a child to do what they can to provide for that child. A parent who is having a hard time collecting child support from his or her ex will want to employ a Pennsylvania attorney who will fight for the money to which the child is entitled.