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Nonpayment of child support lands father in jail

It takes a lot of money to raise a child these days. Some Pennsylvania parents have no trouble providing for every expense that comes along, but others, especially divorced and single parents receiving no child support, may sometimes have to choose between a nourishing meal and medication for a childhood illness. One man has been arrested for not making a child support payment the past four years.

In 2000, the man and his wife divorced. At the time, they had a 3-year-old child, and a court order nearly a year later required the father to pay $780 each month in financial support. Over the next few years, the mother received approximately $24,000 in support payments, but the father suddenly stopped paying.

The man has repeatedly ignored multiple court summons as well as requests for child support and therefore has had numerous bench warrants issued against him. He has also moved to a number of towns within his home state in the past few years. He was finally arrested but was transferred to a nearby hospital for medical issues. Once doctors clear him to be released, he will return to jail to complete his sentence.

It can be hard to collect child support from an ex who is dead-set against paying. The efforts of a person working without legal assistance can sometimes prove to be frustrating and fruitless. It takes the aid of a Pennsylvania attorney whose persistence and legal strategies often work to compel a non-compliant ex to pay the money he or she owes.