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Father faces tough sentence after nonpayment of child support

by | Feb 20, 2019 | Family Law

Most divorced parents in Pennsylvania know how important that regular support payment from an ex can be and what financial difficulty it can mean when it is not received. There are numerous methods by which a noncustodial parent can pay the child support needed to ensure the child has food, clothing, shelter and medical necessities. One father will be serving a prison sentence after not paying child support for many years.

A report on the matter did not say how long the man had disregarded paying the child support to his ex, but the amount he owed totaled over $200,000. Through the years there were 26 times he was held in contempt of court because he would not make any attempt to pay the support that was due. He was put in jail eight times after appearances at family court.

The man’s latest conflict arose when he violated an earlier probation requirement after he was convicted of a first-degree charge of nonsupport of a child. He will be serving anywhere from one to three years in a state prison for his absolute refusal to financially support his child. The district attorney stated that, because of the regulations set by the state to collect support payments, his office rarely sees this type of case. He felt he had no choice this time because nothing else seemed to work in encouraging this man to provide for his child.

There are those who argue for those parents, claiming they cannot work to earn the money to pay child support if they are incarcerated.  However, when attempt after attempt does not compel a parent to comply there is little else that can be done, as in this case. Pennsylvania custodial parents having trouble collecting the support amount set by the court will want to speak to an attorney who will represent their interests before a judge.