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NFL player, Antonio Brown embroiled in child custody battle

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2019 | Child Custody

Football season has ended and numerous players in the NFL can set their focus on family and friends. Some will be going through a divorce and others may be fighting child custody and support battles. Steelers fans in Pennsylvania might be interested to hear one of their stand-out players, Antonio Brown, wants a child custody ruling in his favor so he can have precious time with his daughter.

Wiltrice Jackson is the little girl’s mother and accused Brown only last month of domestic misconduct. She claims he pushed her to the ground after she asked for money to pay for their daughter’s hair appointment. She waited until the next day to report the incident to police and they told her they were not able to press charges against Brown because it was not the day of the alleged assault. They did, however, give her information on the steps she would need to take in filing a restraining order against him.

Brown’s attorney states the request for money was unnecessary, as the child support he pays is more than sufficient to cover the money Jackson needed. The attorney further informed ESPN reporters that Jackson recently requested an increase in child support from Brown but the request was rejected. In Brown’s custody appeal, he is pursuing an increase in parental responsibility, including time they spend together and decisions about her welfare.

This type of child custody battle is not new. Most exes feel they know what is best for their children and will fight for the right to be heard. A skilled Pennsylvania attorney will ensure a client’s requests are presented before the court while stressing the importance of acting in the best interest of the child. 

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