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No statute of limitations for child support in some states

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Family Law

Some Pennsylvania single parents who need help in financially supporting their children may never get from an ex the money to which they are entitled. Some states require the child to be under 18 years of age for a parent to collect child support; however, there are those that have no statute of limitations and a parent can seek support at any time. One woman sought and received child support almost 50 years after her ex left her and their daughter.

The little girl was 3 years old when the parents divorced in the 1970s. The court ordered the father to pay approximately $160 each month, but he fled to Canada in an effort to escape making the payments. The mother was able to effectively support her daughter and herself and never sought further court action.

After the mother retired, however, her paycheck dwindled, and things were economically tight. She found out that the state in which she lived did not have the statute of limitations and was able to locate her ex to request the back child support. Including interest that had accrued, he now owed her $170,000 instead of the monthly amount for 50 years. The two settled on $150,000 after a private hearing.

A feud with an ex should never be a reason to not financially care for a child. It is a legal responsibility for parents to provide child support typically until the child reaches 18 years of age. Custodial parents in Pennsylvania should consult a family law attorney with experience in retrieving financial support to review their legal options.