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Parents use child custody woes to help other parents

Pennsylvania parents who have lost custody of their children know how heart-wrenching it can be, especially when it is a result of false allegations. The fight to regain child custody can take a toll on emotions, relationships and finances. Two parents have fought, and won, their child custody battle and wanted to impart to other parents the lessons they learned along the way.

The couple had six children, and they were all removed from the home after allegations of physical abuse of one child. Although there were no details given in a report, there were marks on one of the children that hospital staff believed may have occurred as a result of violence, and the local child services agency was alerted. Once the children were gone, the parents began, with anger, the long battle toward regaining custody.

The parents soon learned their rage was not helping their attempts. They had to dissect the problem and take steps to ensure it would not happen again. After eight long months, the charges against them were downgraded to neglectful supervision, and all six children were able to return home. They have since begun working with Child Protective Services to help other parents who have faced similar circumstances.

Losing custody of a child can be frustrating, bringing feelings of hopelessness at times. There is often help for those facing erroneous allegations, whether it is through a support group or through legal channels. A Pennsylvania attorney who has a thorough knowledge of the family laws of the state will be able to take the appropriate steps toward restoring child custody to the parents.