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Job loss and the divorce process

by | Apr 26, 2019 | Divorce

There are many life-changing hurdles that people have to work through, such as losing their job and bringing their marriage to an end. In some instances, people experience both of these changes simultaneously. For example, someone may have been informed that their position was being terminated, and in the wake of the stress and uncertainty brought on by this challenge, their marriage may have fallen apart as well. Or, someone may be surprised when their spouse tells them they want a divorce, prompting them to become depressed and ultimately lose their job.

There are many things to consider with regard to job loss as well as divorce, but finances should be a top priority. Both of these life changes can have a significant impact on one’s financial future, and it is imperative to be ready for what may lie ahead. By focusing on key divorce issues such as property distribution and alimony, you may be able to deal with hurdles that arise in the future easier. Moreover, you should be aware of family law matters (such as child support) that could affect your finances in the years ahead.

If you are able to work with your spouse throughout the process, this could be very helpful, and you may want to explain the challenges you are facing. However, couples are not always able to end their marriage amicably and you may need to prepare for a contentious divorce. If you head over to our page on family law, you will be able to read more about some divorce legal matters.