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How can you show your ex-spouse no longer needs alimony?

If your spouse is incapable of supporting themselves to the point of securing the same standard of living that you both enjoyed during your marriage in Cranberry Township, then it may come as little surprise that you are asked to pay them alimony. Such support is typically not meant to be permanent, however; rather, it is only supposed to help them as they work towards securing gainful employment or they remarry. 

Yet what if your ex-spouse chooses not to remarry simply as a way to keep you obligated to continue to pay alimony? They might eventually meet a new romantic partner, yet choose to not marry them knowing that their remarriage will end your alimony obligation. Such an action may be seen as them attempting to take advantage of the court, which is typically not well-received. 

Indeed, Section 3706 of Pennsylvania's Domestic Relations Code states that if your ex-spouse opts to cohabitate with a person of the opposite sex (with whom they do share a biological relationship), they are barred from receiving alimony. Cohabitation may be easy to prove, yet what if your ex-spouse stops short of doing so? There may be others ways that you can prove that they are in a supportive relationship (and thus no longer need alimony). 

Evidence that may show that your ex-spouse and a romantic partner have entered into a supportive relationship may include: 

  • Them pooling their financial resources
  • Them sharing living and utility expenses
  • Them making major purchases together (e.g. a new car)

When petitioning the court to end your alimony obligation, it is up to you to present evidence like this to support your claim. The court will typically not rely solely on your opinion that your ex-spouse no longer needs the money. 

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