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How does supervised visitation work?

Courts believe it’s in the best interest of children to have healthy relationships with both parents. However, when there are allegations of abuse or issues with alcohol and drug use, it may not be safe for a child to spend time alone with a parent. In this case, the court may order supervised visits, which take place in the presence of a social worker or another family member. Very Well Family offers the following information on how supervised visitation actually works. 

Supervised visits can take place in a number of settings. For instance, they make take place at the home of the parent. In this case, the child would be taken to the home along with the third party tasked with overseeing the visitation. In other instances, the child and parent would meet at a visitation center, where the third party would attend the visit as well. The goal is to allow visitations to occur in a controlled setting so the child will remain safe and secure. 

Supervised visitation orders are kept in place until there is a change of the circumstances that led to the order in the first place. For example, if one spouse claims the other is abusive, these claims would need to be diligently investigated in order to make a determination. Until that time, supervised visitation would continue, as it’s deemed in the best interest of the child. In other instances, a parent may be obligated to perform some task to show he or she is committed to being a good parent. 

When it comes to drug or alcohol use, this could involve attending rehabilitation or some counseling. Upon completion, the judge would review the situation to determine whether supervised visits are still warranted. Regardless of what is required, cooperation is crucial to ensure that the child enjoys a safe and healthy relationship with both parents.