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Dealing with divorce at different ages

by | Aug 30, 2019 | Divorce

Older Pennsylvanian parents who get a divorce must understand that regardless of how old their own children are, they will still be impacted by the split. While more studies exist on how divorce affects young children, this doesn’t mean older children are left unharmed.

Very Well Family takes a look at the psychological effects of divorce on young children. First off, young children tend to have a weaker understanding of the situation. They may need to be explained what divorce is more than once. They will also require much reassurance from both parents that they are not at fault. Divorcing parents with younger children tend to treat them gently and leave any ugly details out of the picture.

If divorce is handled properly and children are given the time and tools they need to heal, they tend to have a faster recovery rate and are able to adapt to their new family dynamic in a healthier, quicker way.

On the other hand, the New York Times states that adult children are often neglected in terms of proper post-divorce care. For example, their parents may be less hesitant about sharing the details of the divorce or seeking a shoulder to lean on for support. This can create great mental and emotional strain in an adult child, who is already trying to navigate what the world looks like now that their parents have split.

Divorce may ultimately be the best option for a family. However, being well-prepared for the split and having good resources for dealing with the aftermath can help the entire family, too.